By Anonymous - / Sunday 25 October 2015 02:47 / United States - Apollo
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  dragoongirl90  |  34

You assume that a gun owner would just blindly shoot. OP clearly knows what he's doing.

  teentee401  |  36

I remember reading a news story a while ago about a girl who hid in her closet to jump out and scare her parents. Her trigger happy dad ended up shooting her. I'm glad everything ended up okay in OP's case but as soon as I started reading this FML I thought it was going going to end badly.

By  twitchywaffles  |  26

Your cat will never fuck with you again... Never cats will always fuck with us

By  OscarEcho  |  12

Wow. That's what happens when everyone carry guns. I am so happy I don't live in a country that allows people to run around in their homes in the middle of the night with loaded guns!


Today, while he was eating chicken, one of my friends asked me why I'm a vegetarian. I responded that I believe in animal rights and don't like the conditions the animals are forced to live in. He looked at me incredulously before explaining that "chickens aren't animals, they're birds." FML

By revan546 / Friday 26 April 2013 13:23 / United States - Hillsborough

Today, I was sleeping in my bed next to my dog. I must've bumped her in my slumber, because she went into full zombie mode and bit my face. I now have a large bruise and bite marks on my cheek. It's so swollen that I can barely see out of my left eye. FML

By Yimothemage / Tuesday 20 December 2016 11:26 /
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