By Binkplugged - / Tuesday 5 July 2016 18:01 /
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By  NYM88  |  26

I think she is unconsciously trying to tell you to stop crying in your sleep. There is no bogeyman under your bed. She checked twice, remember?

  NYM88  |  26

Thanks! I guess I should have said it more like this:

You should really tell him he needs to stop crying in his sleep and remind him you checked under the bed twice for monsters.

But, hey. A little too late, I guess.


Looks like I'm FML failing again. A pacifier has a nipple, and I was referring to her nipple, saying that she will hold off on sexual contact for being weird. Damn, I have to reassess my life.


Angle of the picture. I could be immature and make fun of your baby face, nose, shirt, sentential grammar, and mild acne, but the amount of fucks I give are equal to the ones you received on your profile. A lot less than mine. ;))


I've had many people show me the reference years after I created this account. I used to be obsessed with Star Wars and storm troopers. Storm+Front=Stormfront. I'm not going to change my name, because I know who I am. I feel privileged that you googled me :)


I only found one punctuation mistake. She should have put a comma after she asked her husband what he was laughing at. Unfortunately she used a period. She probably used a comma and it autocorrected it.

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