By WOCOACH - / Wednesday 9 September 2009 19:33 / United States
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By  allmidnighteyes  |  10

Oh, how it shot from his member like a geyser from the earth
Covering the room with the bittersweet aroma of piss
The drip on the walls, it running down his balls
Oh the majestic beauty, splendor precipitating

By  haha_lmao_rofl  |  0

what the fuck is wrong with you?

  bmach  |  0

A lot of people experience similar stories to the ones posted here. Just because it can happen to other people doesn't mean it shouldn't be posted when there isn't a similar FML submission already up on the site.

Besides, I don't think you'd be enjoying your newborn baby boy pissing all over the place. It's nothing to get mad over, sure, but it's not anything pleasant.

  caticaticati  |  3

It's not pleasant, but it's not an FML if it happens to almost every single person that has a baby boy. Some FMLs might happen to more than one person but most aren't as common as a baby pissing.


Well, I didn't know that. So, thank you to the OP for posting a funny and informational story; though it would suck to clean that up after.
Besides, 41, maybe she didn't know, either?

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