By WOCOACH - / Wednesday 9 September 2009 19:33 / United States
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By  allmidnighteyes  |  33

Oh, how it shot from his member like a geyser from the earth Covering the room with the bittersweet aroma of piss The drip on the walls, it running down his balls Oh the majestic beauty, splendor precipitating

  bmach  |  10

A lot of people experience similar stories to the ones posted here. Just because it can happen to other people doesn't mean it shouldn't be posted when there isn't a similar FML submission already up on the site. Besides, I don't think you'd be enjoying your newborn baby boy pissing all over the place. It's nothing to get mad over, sure, but it's not anything pleasant.

  caticaticati  |  10

It's not pleasant, but it's not an FML if it happens to almost every single person that has a baby boy. Some FMLs might happen to more than one person but most aren't as common as a baby pissing.


Well, I didn't know that. So, thank you to the OP for posting a funny and informational story; though it would suck to clean that up after. Besides, 41, maybe she didn't know, either?

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