By fired tomoz - / Wednesday 29 October 2014 15:46 / South Africa - Pretoria
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  may14th  |  26

I find that more adults type like that than kids tbh

  xxBFMVAAMIWxx  |  18

17 - Yeah definitely they do. I guess though they would be used to it when sending a text with proper grammar was actually an effort, before full keyboards came into play.

10 and 1 - Something my boss would do, and he's very professional. at least he gave OP some warning

  iAmPaul  |  49

I suppose professional etiquette isn't as prevalent in South Africa as it is elsewhere...

  tdawg91  |  17

#26 Professionalism is a thing for for letters, phone calls, clients and meetings, not between staff texts. My extremely organised and professional manager text me this morning and said "hey babe, a lot people here don't know how to tie a tie like you, could please start a little earlier to do that so I don't get my arse reemed Xx"

  Demoniq  |  25

Yes #26, an occurrence such as this is exclusive to South Africa and I have never seen behaviour on such an unprofessional scale exercised in another country.

  LisaDay  |  14

if he is a manager, hes probably a bit older than OP and didnt have full keyboards on the flip phone he learned to text on. i had a flip phone without a full keyboard and it was a huge effort to use proper language. thats why this text lingo came about. it was just way easier to text it.

  xleanne_aLly  |  23

It may have been unprofessional. But he and OP must have been friends for him to warn him. If he's already going to be fired. Showing them that text won't help OP. It will only cause him a loss a of a good reference and a friend.

  HylianWarrior  |  21

Really, thinking that someone should get fired for an informal text. Outside of work, casual language is fine to use. Sending some a warning that they are getting fired by someone else tomorrow does not warrant having the person sending that message getting fired. Also, you seem to be forgetting that the CEO, not the manager, was pissed off at op causing him to get fired.

  LisaDay  |  14

he probably learned to text from a flip phone that didnt have a full keyboard. it was so much effort to use proper language that people texted like this. thats why its usually adults who use this text lingo,

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I took it to mean that the manager doesn't want any hard feelings between him and Op even though he has to fire him. I assume the CEO would have the manager fire Op as oppose to doing it himself. I also took it to mean that they were friends and he is basically saying he feels sorry for him and hopes they can still be friends.

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