By BadKitty / Sunday 11 September 2016 13:37 / Australia - Invermay
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Yeah well I once scolded my dog for pooping on the floor and I stepped in it, so she retaliated by shitting in my bed so that when I woke up I would roll right in it. I'm a cat person.


don't ever kill a cat. you'll only kill one of the nine (or however many lives are left) and then you have a very angry cat. they return in a day or two. if you happen to take its last life, then you end up with a ghost cat. sometimes you can make them latch onto someone else (like another family member, they're great Christmas gifts), but it's not always easy.


My cat has come pretty close to knocking over my TV. Luckily she hasn't succeeded. As for you, OP, it sucks that your cat wrecked your TV, but at least it wasn't a burglar.

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