By I love L - / Saturday 8 August 2015 22:56 / Canada - Richmond Hill
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Agreed! I'm the nerdy kind who prefers to read books and hardly ever plays games (except for nerdy board games), but even I'm not immune to Tetris' irresistible charm.


There is actually a thing called the tetris effect ... it's fun when shopping at a conveyer belt thingy when you perfectly align all groceries to fit and get annoyed at people with you for just dropping groceries anywhere!


I've had a nightmare that Slenderman wrote happy birthday on my house in blood and then he proceeded to chase and try and kill me. I begged a couple to kill me but they didn't. I grabbed their gun and shot myself but I didn't die and then Slenderman came and finished the job. I had this nightmare the night before my birthday. it reoccured the next year.

I had a nightmare that I was carrying a watermelon to a local Wendy's and I dropped it by accident which apparently in my dream was a horrid illegal act so for the rest of the dream I was in hiding. It was quite spooky actually

I played The Sims once right before bed and I had a dream that my furniture kept getting deleted and it was the most frustrating shit in the world cuz all I wanted was to take a nap on my own bed???? Also the toilet was in the kitchen but I had no oven. You're not alone in your video game induced nightmares OP!


As a kid I played a fighting game similar to Mortal Kombat called Dark Rift. I had nightmares for months where these aliens chased me around my house. They would beam me up to their ship to keep fighting the boss. I would always lose and have my head smashed.

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