By Devon - / Friday 20 May 2011 01:38 / United States
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  coltsluvr123  |  2

hahaha I was gonna say the same thing

  kiran11  |  2



I was gonna say with Brittany spears but same idea :P

  funnyFMLSplz  |  0

don't steal my awesome picture Kiran i'll eat you D:


I was gonna say that too lol

  Oohgaloof  |  0

The only explanation I can conjure is that your grandfather somehow drugged you unconscious, dress'd you up like a little glittery faerie princess, role playing that you somehow got caught stealing peanut butter and being naughty, so butt-f**king you as a punishment.
Oh, and you tried to run but he caught up with you in the driveway.
That's probably how it happened.

  copycat148  |  0

haha ^ just what i was thinking but i thought that was my life story O_O

  gregmoran  |  0

I think your comment is awesome. don't listen to those silly pants.

By  andrew_thomson  |  9

just be glad you didn't did a tiger in your bathroom? The Hangover

  fatalkiss  |  0

Kinda wanna thumb you down just for explaining what you're quoting. That just takes it away from your whole comment... It's way more awesome if people just read a quote & automatically know what's it from. Well, in my opinion at least, hah.

  MiGman  |  5

181 a Jeffery is pretty much a blunt made with mostly weed but practically moat other types of drugs. haha as explained it get him to the greek

By  fatalkiss  |  0

You probably just passed out & they did that shit to you to fuck with you. That, or you got raped by Edward Cullen.


you irritate meeeee(: ive seen you on almost every FML comments ive read. & i just started paying attention to comments today. you should ferreallllll feel all accomplished and such. :PPPP

  fatalkiss  |  0

Ha, no, I don't comment to feel some sort of pride of achievement, it's just something I do to pass time. I couldn't really sleep, so I read a lot of FML...a lot. Nothing cured my insomnia like the realization that it was time to get up for work x(

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