By campus pussy - / Saturday 22 March 2014 21:08 / United States - Ross
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  guitardude69  |  11

It would of been awesome if she had tried to floor the zombies instead.

  Amberosia  |  10

#12 OP is not a she. The gender sign in the post clearly states OP is a guy, which actually makes this FML even more funny.

  blackonblight  |  32

I've backhanded people who thought it would be 'funny' to sneak up on me and try to grab my shoulder, after finding out I'm a jumpy scaredy cat. Some got a vicious elbow jab instead. They never try a second time.

By  elibel  |  16

Wow, you must have been scared to death..


Today, my friend was complaining to me about her problems. I tried to be a good, understanding friend, listening and giving advice. When it was my turn to vent, she interrupted me, saying, "Sorry, but I don't really care." FML

By sushichick - / Wednesday 12 December 2012 12:44 / United States
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