By Miller_Time - / Wednesday 18 March 2009 18:45 / United States
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A similar situation happened to me when I was 11 but I was in my room sleeping and yelling "NO! NO!! HELP ME PLEASE! STOP! NOOOOOO!" and instead of the police busting through the door my mom did lol i still don't know what i was dreaming about..


When I was 5 my brother and I called 911 from a restaurant pay phone and said it was on fire and poop was falling from the sky, and so on. Cops, firefighters, and ambulances all came to our "rescue".

That's because of some sort of chemical deficiency most likely. You should consult your doctor or pick up a book on sleep disorders. A good thing to try is to sleep in a sleeping bag zipped up all the way, while wearing mittens. Hope you were able to explain everything! :)

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