By sllaggy / Monday 18 April 2011 09:34 /
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By  soccerchick_1994  |  8

well obviously she doesnt like you... fyl

By  Lunaa94  |  6

Screw her. She's just jealous :)

  khaya  |  9

Maybe it's not his mother but a woman he has bought to do chores. Women are pretty cheap these days, at the moment I am waiting for my order. (so excited)

  lidemocr  |  0

no shit!

By  thepersonyouknow  |  9

shes just mad bcuz ur dating her son


why would us "failure to launch" guys want to leave our safe houses to go out to a world of assuming, stuck up, bitches as yourself? Miss "I'm hot shit" because I moved out like every other grown adult.. I'm 20, working, and going to school does that make me a waste? No I'm saving money so not to struggle

  jewknowit710  |  2

or you could put your big boy pants on and get an appt. struggle is what makes us strong, not stability your the same guy who hasn't been in a fight so ur afraid of confrontation. I can say it cause I was that guy till senior year of high school

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