By Anonymous - / Sunday 3 June 2012 17:43 / Spain - Tordesillas
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  Trisha_aus  |  15

Hangover 3

  yuggi1  |  11

You people are so off! The only shampoo that works for that is the one with the stallion logo. Never heard of the reference; hung like a horse? Yup.

  NoYDI  |  4

Sorry for party rockin'!

By  Give_Linux_A_Go  |  28

Someone told me that works. It doesn't, it's a sham and quite frankly it's ridickulous.

By  hblank  |  4

Yea, trust Linux. He knows.

By  sidewaysponytail  |  0

Well that sucks, but you did deserve it. But I'd hate to see how boring you are when you aren't stoned...honestly normal drunk stuff

  Llamacod  |  11

dude you gotta lay off of the reefer, it says nothing about being stoned just drinking. I think you gotta quit reliving your own personal experiences of getting stoned and shampooing your dick to make it bigger

  AsianCookie247  |  14

40 - Mr ponytail's first comment was probably made while coming down from a high or withdrawals from lack of, and their second comment was most likely made once they took a couple hits from the bong. It's like a Before and After, they even included a smiley face to show how happy they are!

By  kirstyannemiller  |  4

Did it work? I mean all good things come at a price, right?

  kyleekay  |  25

Size doesn't matter only if you know how to use what you've got.

Maybe poor OP is a bit lackluster in the love makin' department, and size is his only hope of redemption.

Not everyone can be natural-born sexperts like you, SkoomaKi.

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