By Anonymous - / Sunday 6 April 2014 19:37 /
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  jerryj  |  27

75, what better evidence can there be than a nice little photo of OP holding the caged cat (whether on the neighbour's, or OP's own backyard)?
Best would be not to leave any fingerprints behind.

  NotGabe  |  28

You might want to reread the FML again.

  gvreergo_fml  |  6

get money maybe

  dancinwookie  |  21

"Everybody was Kung-fu fighting! Ha! Judo chop!" That's what came to mind when I saw your profile picture. *crane position*

  dancinwookie  |  21

Yeah. Because the little Pikachu in a karate outfit couldn't possibly remind someone of a song about Kung-Fu fighting. Next time I'll make sure not to make any pop culture references.

  martin8337  |  35

#13, how do you dial a telephone while wearing a straightjacket? Gave you a thumbs up btw.

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