By Anonymous - / Saturday 16 November 2013 19:31 / France - Paris
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By  memowgirl  |  10

That's a shitty situation

  little_one1  |  14

17 when I read your comment I started singing Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone.

Thank you.

  ZomBgal  |  12

why???? Some of us would love to have first comment. We would respect the almighty first comment spot. We would treat it right, respect it, make it feel appreciated like it deserves.

We wouldn't slap it in the face, murder it and then piss on its grave like you might as well have just done.

  isuckok  |  11

You are very welcome #27. I can see why you chose that response. :)

  Booda_Shun  |  28

Pact violator. #1 is hereby excluded from the Awesome FMLers Treaty.

  alexis9198  |  9

lol I get your pun. apparently the idiots above don't though.

By  deviking  |  10

That once happened to me in a hotel

  zandalee  |  19

No. I think she needs to eat less fibre.

  zandalee  |  19

In all of life, I have never done this.
How big was this pooh?

  ShannonBitt  |  29

Slightly better than someone else fecal matter, I suppose

  KK3137  |  31

Have you read the story about the guy who took a crap and had nothing but a Bible to wipe with, and then his life suddenly spiraled into homelessness, drugs and very interesting adventures? It's very graphic, but it's a great read of how one small action can have terrible, unexpected consequences..

  noobsatin  |  19

sometimes its too late and you just sit down without realizing. bad habit though.


1. sit down
2. do your business
then if you clog the toilet at someone's house
you must
1. panic for 30 seconds
2. look everywhere
3. use your hand
4. wash your hands for 30 seconds
5. never talk about what happened

By  NoShit_Sherly  |  11

I think I just shat myself :|

By  blackychan63  |  11

Eww gross!!

By  noobsatin  |  19

desperate times call for desperate measures. or just browse through their stuff.

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