By xXxJoe16xXx / Tuesday 1 December 2009 21:11 / United States
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  Xrandomkrisx  |  7

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I have three things to say about this situation.. 1. 1# Randomkris, your a retard 2. i wish i had your girlfriend she has a cool sense of humor 3. get a penis enlarger

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  theta_fml  |  0

@13 The difference between any two successive sizes of condoms is only a few millimeters of latex. It's almost insignificant, seeing as how most condoms can stretch to accommodate a good portion of a human arm. A medium size condom probably would have worked fine.

  haweb  |  0

Yeh, but the issue isn't a condom being big enough to fit his penis. It's the issue of being small enough. Most condoms may stretch around a human arm, but the condom isn't going to shrink around his penis. I would imagine that if he's wearing a condom bigger than what conforms to his penis well, it will increase the chances of it slipping off. More latex=more room=probably not good for intercourse.

By  crazy_coon  |  0

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