By gotta_respond - / Saturday 10 January 2015 19:22 / United States
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Sorry OP but if by momentarily you really mean "I left my cart in the middle of a busy aisle for 5 minutes to read the nutritional info on two separate labels" I kinda side with the old man... Plus I'm pretty sure this is what happened because this is every family ever that goes to a store together. YDI However if he's actually insane and you pissed him off by walking past his jerky then FYL :(


Dude, it was a warehouse store and we were one aisle away from the check-out lines (the most crowded part of the store). Our cart was stopped because there was literally no where to go. We were all chill, like everyone else in that part of the store, gradually scooting forward through the sea of carts toward the check-out lanes. The nut was going against the flow and seemed to think that we could just vanish. I mean, if I had the ability to make my cart and family rise above the earth to let him

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