By skippy_liz - / Tuesday 26 October 2010 07:48 / United States
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  TehGirreth  |  0

I don't think she meant it to be hilarious, more like, she thought he was an idiot and laughed at him.

@OP: Next time, specify that you're looking for the Shakespearian play "Romeo & Juliet", rather than saying you're looking for Shakespeare.

  cantfightfate  |  0

20- considering libraries are usually sorted by author, it is completely legit to say I'm looking for Shakespeare. Im pretty sure the librarian was joking.
this is so not an fml.

  SecureReflex  |  0

This is an FML.... why? I see literally no problem here. OP said something stupid, librarian commented on it with witty humor, then did the right thing and ignored the ignorant. Big whoop.

  brightnite  |  0

How is that a stupid question. Hey I'm looking for Shakespeare in a
bookstore. WTF could that mean.....Hey I'm a dumb blonde lets figure it out. Btw if
she was being witty and not serious she would have helped op instead of walking away feeling smart.

By  GrammarPoilce  |  0

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  TehGirreth  |  0

I don't fucking get your fucking comment. If you could fucking elaborate, then perhaps I could fucking comprehend the fucking statement you decided to fucking post.

Aren't adjectives FUN?

  morella_xx  |  29

At any rate, OP was wandering around in the library for half an hour doing God knows what. Hoping "Shakespeare" would magically appear where it once said "DE 300 - DE 500" or something.

[and yes, I know that's not the British literature section where R&J would be]

  morella_xx  |  29

I don't know where the first half of my comment went? But in short, if the OP knows how to post on here, she knows how to search the catalog. It's not hard; she was just being lazy.

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