By Crap - / Thursday 28 January 2010 05:01 / United States
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Well usually, the 'abnormal' word isn't used by doctors. But it happens pretty regularly that people are so constipated that it gives them cramps. And indeed: mom win.


AAAHahahahah. That's a 'My Life Rocks' for having a funny-as-hell mom who makes you laugh when you're sick :)


hahaha.. Your mum is funny.. but your life is not fucked.. Unless, there something else we don't know about.. Therefore, I'ma hafta say: YDI, for sharing information with funny people..

Could've been worse. You could have ended up so backed up that your faeces ended up in your stomach and you started vomiting them. Good ol' reverse peristalsis.


I was actually thinking about that one yesterday.......which says alot about my life/mind hmmmmmm.... anyway MOM FTW!

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