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I'm curious as to how the doctor has the knowledge of it explicitly being a cat that bit you. EDIT: I think I mis-read the FML. If so, allow me to rephrase: I'm curious as to how you have the knowledge of it being a cat that bit you, despite not having a cat and not knowing how a cat could have been anywhere near you while you slept.


Probably because she woke up when the cat bit her, so saw it run off afterwards. It shouldn't be that curious to you that she knows it was a cat, unless you think people regularly sleep through animals biting their arms...


Maybe op woke up when bit. Or when waking in the am saw a cat in their bedroom, having common sense, felt pain, saw a bite, a put 2 and 2 together and thought "this feline has bite me." This is only an assumption on my part. And an experienced doctor is able to identify what you have been bit by. Dog and cat bites don't look similar.


Doctors are pretty good at knowing what kind of bite you have. Dog bites and cat bites look very different. Also, if I got a mysterious bite in the middle of the night, I'd more readily assume that a cat managed to get into my house than a dog.


Today, I went by myself to do a birthday party in a park, dressed as Elsa from Frozen. Everything was going fine until another Elsa and an Anna showed up to a nearby party. The kids then decided I was a fake and pulled my wig off. FML

By princessrose / Thursday 9 July 2015 23:08 / United States - Shawnee
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