By ReineXre / Wednesday 15 June 2016 00:00 /
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that does suck, but doesn't invalidate your own rights. everyone should have the right to privacy in certain moments, and honestly, if someone came at me from underneath a stall door, I'd assume it was violent and kick them regardless of their mental status, exercising my right to self defense against a perceived threat.


Maybe if they reached out and grabbed at you, or had a weapon. I think it's an extreme overreaction to kick a face that appears under the door. What can a person do to you with their face? Just look. And the proper response to that is not violence.


Regardless, that's just how people react. A good question is why are you so quick to assume these people are assholes and not just startled and freaked out? Don't put yourself on such a pedestal.

"Hey!" *knocks on door* "HEY!" *jiggles lock* "HEY YOU IN THERE!" *swings axe into door* "HEY! HEY YOU! HEY YOU! HEY!" *sticks face into axe hole* "You dropped your keys."

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