By lisa321 - / Thursday 2 April 2009 02:36 / United States
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  rusrsbrah  |  0

if I was the manager I would have fired the employees for fucking around. idgaf if it's common sense, you're an employee not a 5 year old kid.

By  spankyness  |  0

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By  Inspired22  |  11

It just makes me laugh at how the typical American is so addicted to coffee. It's like unplugging an umbilical cord to deny someone their coffee! You must be stressed out. Calm down. There are enough horrible things in life to freak out about without freaking out over every little thing. I swear you are going to lose it if you continue that way!

  BelleBelle_fml  |  11

Umm, unless your profile is incorrect, you're from Colorado, in the United States of America, making you an American.

  stingray112  |  24

U do realize that people who are actually "addicted to coffee" which comes from drinking it to much, get headaches and feel like crap if they don't have it yes?

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