By Finding Kemo / Saturday 16 April 2016 19:12 / United States - Los Angeles
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By  StormfrontX33_fml  |  24

Coming from a family that has suffered from cancer, anyone that jokes about that deserves to die more than every cancer patient put together.

  SarinatheHyena  |  16

Humor is one of the best ways to handle terrible things that have and are happening.. I sympathize with everyone going through cancer, and have had family and friends going through it. I still don't think that someone who jokes about cancer "deserves to die". If they ACTUALLY didn't care about cancer and its devastation, Then it might be different. But isn't wishing death upon someone for making a joke a bit harsh...?


Apparently, people take things verbatim. Not everything is to be taken literally.


@25 Please do. I'm not sure about you, but I'm not here for strangers to agree with me on the Internet.

@28 please look up the word. If I'm wrong, apparently, the ability to read has escaped me.

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