By LonnyLonnikins - / Thursday 9 April 2009 05:07 / Canada
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Oh mate that really sucks, I once had my boyfriends quite large 21st cake melt into the back seat of my car, but that was just a bit of cream and sugar, sounds like you annhiliated that cake. A terrible shame - i Love cake.

BEAT THAT CHILD!!! lol im kidding. You're screwed. Don't be writing on the site, you owe your sis a cake! GET UP! Do something...

BIKERS ON SIDEWALKS RUIN EVERYTHING. Sometimes i just feel the need to give them the people's elbow. Anyways, you can always get a Reeses/Oreo/Blizzard/Diabetes cake at Dairy Queen

You really deserved it for trusting yourself with something so relatively important. I'd much rather be safe than sorry.

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