By skywayavenue - / Thursday 19 March 2009 05:09 / Canada
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By  Jimboom  |  11

Lol. Thanks for that. Made me laugh.

But you deserved that one. Next time ask before just taking.

Though this could be some sort of new thing to keep kids in line. It's better than washing out a kids mouth with soap. :-P

By  xolotl  |  0

You wanted to take a bite before your friend got back? What was the point? She'd notice part of it was gone whether or not she saw you eat it. Anyway, YDT.

By  Bleep_fml  |  0

Since when does everyone think it's okay to eat/take stuff that's not theirs? It's not because she's your friend that all her stuff automatically belongs to you. ASK FIRST.

So if it had been a cupcake, and you had eaten it, and it turned out that it was a small surprise from her partner... what would you have done?

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