Today, I went to my boyfriend's house to give his mother a box of chocolates and flowers for Mother's Day. She just stared at them and said, "What's this for? You're not my daughter, and never will be. But I'll keep the chocolate." FML

By Anonymous - / Monday 9 May 2011 04:37 / United States
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  ILikeBigBoobs  |  2

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By  LoonyKev  |  0

lol she's just playing wit u !! mind games yeah

By  Bekll  |  26

What'd you do for your OWN mother though?

  Haydenob  |  0

she doesn't have a mother you jack ass hole

  Bekll  |  26

if OP went through that much trouble just for her boyfriend's mother, then it's natural to wonder what she did for her own if anything at all. For that matter, did the son himself? You can't ignore your own mother on Mother's Day.

  eir64  |  0

regardless, no one has the god given right to turn their nose up at a nice gesture. I agree, she clearly is a rude bitch, with no manners.

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