By blank13 - / Sunday 9 August 2009 01:41 / United States
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--[][][]--[][][]--Put This --[][][]--[][][]-- --[][][]--[][][]--On Your --[][][]--[][][]-- --[][][]--[][][]--Profile If --[][][]--[][][]-- --[][][]--[][][]--You Know --[][][]--[][][]-- --[][][]--[][][]--9/11 Was --[][][]--[][][]-- --[][][]--[][][]--the greatest --[][][]--[][][]-- --[][][]--[][][]--THING TO HAPPEN TO THE INFIDELS

  elchapin562  |  0

yea, dump your girl for spilling private info on the street. FYL but yea the supreme scream is only 30 seconds long, maybe less. its not a roller coaster. its one of those rides that takes you up high and drops you.

  Starchild21  |  3

wow ur a fucking bitch. i bet ud do something like that wouldnt u. instead of discussing something like that in private lets bring it to everyones attention. i hope ur asexual cuz i feel bad for any guy that ur with, if theyr blind enough to even try u

  Stunt_fml  |  5

Viagra has nothing to do with lasting longer, or do you not know about medicine? Seriously, OP... the best remedy for early climaxing is alcohol. Drink a bit, you'll last longer. Drink too much, then you might actually need Viagra to get it up just to do it. Be safe.

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