By TahRah - / Saturday 28 February 2009 21:58 / United States
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  sulitak  |  26

wrong. Its just not referred to as "genital check" they check for torsion and a hernia... both can be horrible for athletes. the OP is just too dumb to know what the check was.

By  LinkToEverything  |  0

either way you guys have to realize how uncomfmortable it is. I mean first time and I mean the first time I was asked to drop my pants it was kind of weird and after looking over the test not seeing it might cause an of fuck response. Either way if he knew in which order the person did these tests he would be able to tell from the list anyway.

By  Bibico_fml  |  0

Why did you mention that she was fat and ugly? You would have liked the package handling if she was slender and cute?

  Goober244  |  12

No guy likes their balls getting handled by ugly fat bitches.

Guys would much rather have an attractive looking female touch their balls. Doesn't matter if it's not part of the test, if she was attractive I would let it slide, if she was fat and ugly I would file a report for sexually assaulting me.

I don't like fat girls and I don't like ugly girls.

  pitapizzaparty  |  18

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By  Aetius_fml  |  0

Ask the doctor what the test where she touched your genitals was testing for. If it's normal he'll tell you "Oh, it's to check for a hernia/etc" if it's not normal he'll become quite inquisitive at which point the ball is rolling for a bonafide report.

By  CheeseGirl  |  0

Because your opinion that she's overweight and unattractive needs to be said also, right?
If she were cute, you'd be all for it, harassment or not.

  fylx100  |  19

Obviously. He's a guy. If there's a hot girl that wants to do that then why would he complain or post it on here? That's what attractive is, you want that person. Would you want a unattractive person touch you?

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