By LilShawty2000 - / Tuesday 24 February 2009 05:30 / United States
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By  kissmyass_fml  |  0

WTF?shes drunk probably

By  Zonedout  |  2

I've had similar things happen...yay for alcohol right? seriously though if you're fine with your sexuality ad he's a good friend, why not? least its good for a laugh.

By  davidtheday  |  0

Seeing as how the OP said "my best GUY friend" and that their username is "LilShawty", I'm going to guess that OP is a female.

In any case, I hope you followed through

  Jess_Love  |  0

umm... OP is a guy... "by LilShawty2000 (man)" not sure if he changed it to clarify or what... ... but still... there's nothing wrong with it... i think...


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  Mischief109  |  11

I'm assuming the blue male gender sign in the upper right corner is a small hint this is a he, not a she. You made yourself look like an asshole for calling correct people idiots. You idgit

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