By Anonymous - / Monday 23 July 2012 20:45 / United States - Clay City
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  alwayscheesin  |  2

Or she can just play it cool?

  Miswildside  |  0

Or you never know. Could have been cashiers way of finding out if she was legal or not. My friend works at a local pub in my city, and he does the same. Hes caught several using a fake ID.

  shireman97  |  6

#38 Then your life would be worthless....duh

  stavrosg  |  3

In Greece it's legal from 17.
Allthough you can't drive before you're 18, but you can get married and have concentual sex from 15 y.o.
Weird, arbitrary age requirements ftw.

  WaSiSimiLang  |  8

Psshhh Wth you're talking about homer Simpson! Mmmmmh beer... Harggggggg... Ah beautiful wonderful beer, cause and answer to all life's problems... Feeling the sudden urge to watch homer vs prohibition again...

  AbbyAbyss  |  5

70- Great. You said "I'm Canada" and now I wanna watch Hetalia.

Okay, that's total thread jacking, so let's add something about the FML.

Why not just get someone else to buy it for you?

By  Kristolinis  |  3

Aren't you allowed to buy alcohol after 18 years of age?

  DontClickOnMe  |  28

I don't know.. I think it's a good thing that the legal drinking age in the U.S. is 21 because people have to drink responsibly and I honestly think that 18 year olds are too young and immature to drink responsibly. Drinking affects your judgment first, which is basically what causes people to drink and drive, which is never a good idea.

  ohmandapants  |  16

Agreed, 47. Sorry but 18-21 really isn't that big of an age difference. You don't magically mature in those 3 years, it's not as if you're gaining tons of life experience and wisdom. It depends on the type of person that you are, not necessarily your age.

  gracehi  |  31

I agree that 18 year olds are irresponsible drinkers, but I also think that making it illegal for them to drink at that age makes them even more irresponsible, because they do stupid things to not get caught drinking, such as trying to drive home instead of calling their parents for a ride or taking their school's shuttle (just examples). Not only that, but making it illegal makes it cool to drink because you're a rebel or some dumb kid logic like that. On the other hand, if you're 21 and you constantly drink and party, you're a loser. Also, it never stops them from getting alcohol anyway.

  Mahendra1  |  9

Yeah, a drinking age of 21 really helps lessen the risk of drink driving. That's why the US has a drink driving rate four times higher than that of the UK and Ontario, which have drinking ages of 18 and 19 respectively. That "no alcohol until you're 21" is certainly working for you guys in that respect...

  pmr1990  |  12

The logic for lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18 in Australia was pretty simple. At the time, conscription was occurring for the Vietnam war. So you were old enough to be forced to fight and die for your country, but you couldn't buy alcohol.
For a country like the US, which is so obsessed with 'freedom and liberty' that you allow ridiculous gun laws for the sake of you 'rights', but don't allow an 18 year old adult to purchase alcohol, you seriously need to look at your priorities. RIP to the victims of the latest senseless deaths.

  WaSiSimiLang  |  8

I wouldn't mind living in the countrysides of uk, visit Stratford oxford etc on my off days from growing my desired plantation on my piece of property so GTFO thanks

  ArcadePie  |  10

Call me crazy but i think the lower the drinking age the better in belgium the drinking age is 16 and kids learn how to drink responsibly from their parents and it seemsto be working pretty well over there

  gracehi  |  31

#75, Our gun laws are not "ridiculous," as you say, but protect us from criminals who disregard gun laws and the possibility of a tyrannical genocidal government, like the one that took power in Germany after Adolf Hitler banned guns and then proceeded to slaughter thousands of his own defenseless unarmed citizens. Similarly, if your government turned on you, you'd be screwed. And I'll thank you for not politicizing a recent tragedy that would have happened regardless of gun laws, given the impressive amount of explosives found in James Homes's booby trapped apartment. I'll also thank you for not bringing gun laws into an unrelated discussion.

  sex_and_drugs  |  11

in Alberta itz 18

  ogle5431  |  1

Sucks for you because you have to live in Canada.

  doctorhook86  |  24

195: Richer and freer than the USA, with better education, public healthcare, stronger beer, and we're not hated around the world; yeah, I think I'll stick with Canada.

By  MURIKKA  |  11

*awkward science*....

By  every1luvsboners  |  11

I would suggest giving him a rim-job followed by a hand-job to prove you're old enough to buy the booze. He knows there's no way a 19 year old knows the proper procedure for a rim-job.

Cops around here don't ask for ID - they ask for hand-jobs and rim-jobs.

  PhishloverA  |  14

One time my mom and I got pulled over and the cop came to my mom's window and asked her for a hand job and a rim job instead of asking for her license and registration. Just kidding

  bingo01_fml  |  13

It is not illegal for them to keep the fake. ID's are issued by and belong to the state and must be surrendered upon request. Since it was being used illegally the clerk has the right to keep it and turn it over to authorities.

  noonenoeone  |  22

Ha, I stayed a week in Vegas on a fake ID no problem. I actually used that ID for over 2 years and only had it taken once. My boy new the bouncer that took it so I got it back and continued using it. Fake IDs DO work!

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