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By  speakfreely  |  20

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  iiTzNeeNerz  |  26

#4 Seems like the type of person who somehow manages to make every conversation about themselves. #4 Comes across as a narcissist. #4 Will get down voted. Don't be number 4.

By  Zatert  |  20

I went to a place like this. I fell and thought I twisted my ankle, so my friend tried to help me up and stepped on my foot. He started laughing so hard he dropped me. What I thought was a twisted ankle was a torn deltoid. Long story short, an air cast, or in your case, a boot, is going to be your best friend. They really work better than you'd think.

By  darshini_ii  |  22

You said it's usually fun, you probably meant you aren't always this clumsy. Well, in that case, you couldn't have guessed you'd end up with a sprained ankle, so FYL OP. Get well soon!

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