By wasteoftime - / Wednesday 7 June 2017 20:00 /
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By  AKchic  |  7

"You're right, this isn't a good fit. When a company seeks me out and asks me to interview, I expect them to not only have read the resume and writing samples they request of me, but I expect them to know who they are interviewing. I'm sorry you wasted my time and energy. I would expect an apology from you, but seeing as how you can't be bothered to remember that YOU asked ME here, I doubt that you would be hung up on manners either. Do not keep my name for any further consideration. Thank you for wasting my time."

OP here- thanks for the support. Honestly I was having a huge pity party when I submitted this. I was pretty honest about my experience and qualifications so I was pretty angry that I had spent 2 days preparing for the interview and they hadn't bothered to even look at my resume and writing samples the person I talked to on the phone requested. But oh well. I just interviewed (face-to-face) with a small. company that did read my resume and has better benefits. So, hopefully that will work out instead!


Today, a woman called the store I work for. When she found out it was a wrong number, she started to cry and asked me to stay on the line with her, talking about her dead husband and how she hasn't laughed in years. FML

By icy_in_indiana / Wednesday 11 December 2013 03:41 / United States - Greensburg

Today, at the office, I was walking towards a blind man who works in another department. When I realized our paths would collide, I called out that I was on his right because we'd received an email from HR that said this would help him. I was actually on his left. FML

By HR_Risk - / Friday 1 September 2017 05:07 / United States - Jacksonville
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