By Anonymous / Monday 10 August 2015 19:54 / Canada - Burlington
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  Lalala579121  |  27

That'd be almost like what happened to the fan who heckled a player for getting a cut on his nose. Later that same game a puck went into the stands and hit him in the face.

By  jerzjay  |  26

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By  Trisgav  |  28

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  604  |  28

Do you even science? It's basic physics foo'! Baseballs are also rather solid, they still manage to bounce off gloves. Heck even bullets ricochet. Dafuq's wrong with you?

  SPN_lover666  |  28

A hockey puck can bounce off of a persons hand quite easily. I take it you have never watched baseball? The baseball is quite heavy, but can bounce off a players glove.


Since it's Toronto, my guess would be Leafs, or the Marlies. Preseason hasn't started yet though I think, so my guess is this is an old thing recently posted and the other team could have been anyone.

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