By poophead - / Saturday 30 May 2015 02:39 / Philippines
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By  Twigman55  |  7

Guess your in deep shit?

  DFMLharsh  |  20

Oh please, its *you're.

Its alright to not be sound with grammar but just make sure you don't make a blunder as a first comment. Rest, I am sorry if this was offensive. (fml has warned me already for being a Grammar Nazi)

By  itssnotfunny  |  24

Well that's a shitty start.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I think it probably got down voted because people think there's no way it didn't get ruined. I mean in order to get the poop out she would've had to wash it, thus destroying the whole style. :(

I would've walked right back in and see if they could help wash and fix it. Hopefully they'd give a discount, but if not, it's probably worth paying to get it out right away and still get a nice style

By  thewcloner  |  19

Thats a crappy situation to be in

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