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Either your lying or the guy in the dressing room is stupid. I would definitely notice if some stranger came into my dressing room before they even said anything.


Some stores have like customer service workers getting stuff for u cud have thought it was one of then

By  famo5

ok, 1, the guy was bending down so he didn't see. and 2, instead of having a door with a lock, it could of been one that had curtains.

wow so wait why wasn't door locked and why were you in mens dressing room with your boy friend they didnt say any thing when you walked in unless your a guy i guess then never mind idk i was just sayin


for all of you that are saying she is lying because the door would of been locked did you ever think that maybe it wasn't a door it was a curtain that you pull over and you don't really need to open them the full way you can slip in those without making any noise

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