By ash - / Wednesday 18 May 2016 20:00 / United States - Winnebago
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By  noamoa9  |  19

yeah I don't really get it...

By  CamBamShamDaMan  |  26

If there is a line then y dont u wait, unless u mean that the only aisle that u can go to check out is self checkout

  kingdomgirl94  |  27

I prefer self-checkout. It's not the scanning that I hate about my job, it's the crappy idle chitchat I have to make while working. Self checkout cuts that out and I can get my shit and go!


Today, I was in charge of taking a delivery of new office chairs for the meeting room at work. The delivery men took the old chairs, but left without delivering the new ones. I can't get in contact with them, and we have a big meeting first thing tomorrow. FML

By ansarias - / Tuesday 3 February 2015 14:35 / United Kingdom - London
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