By bathroomseww - / Tuesday 12 May 2009 07:19 / United States
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  meaganinja  |  12

Nice person? If she was a nice person she wouldn't describe the woman and her situation so rudely and hurtfully. She clearly didn't want to help and wouldn't have if she didn't have to. I feel sorry for the woman, I know how it feels to hate your body and it doesn't make things better when someone points out your flaws.

  notsofriendly  |  17

396, actions speak louder than words. I don't really want to get near anyone's ass, especially a stranger's - and the more ass, the worse it would be. I think OP's wording has a lot to do with having to get up close and personal with a lot of ass and very little to do with her opinion of the woman who owned it. She deserves good karma for this one.

By  mifo  |  0

I think you are awesome for helping her so I don't think your life sucks. She would have been terribly embarrassed and upset, the poor thing.

By  ohdamn_fml  |  2

All hope is lost...

By  kiltedwolf  |  0

Just remember, there's ALWAYS a choice. In everything in life, there's a choice. Even in death, you can still choose the fight or make it easy. You, ma'am, chose poorly.

  SIMRRF  |  0

You idiot, there is no choice in death. You die. That's it, you can't choose to not die. And why the hell would you tell someone they chose poorly when they helped someone? I'd hate too see what karma does to people like you...

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