By Lonely - / Sunday 24 July 2011 17:02 / United States
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By  nickmeier1  |  4

hahahahah I'm sooo sorry but that's hilarious!

By  nickmeier1  |  4

hahahahah I'm sooo sorry but that's hilarious!


I don't see the FML here. Instead, this is a grand opportunity for a threesum.

  wintamint101  |  7

isn't third wheeling the best?

By  samuel96  |  3

wow...how could u not realise that

  EffTrae  |  0

Because the sister didn't tell her that they were dating and she was the third wheel. And if she's been flirting the whole time why wouldn't anyone say anything.

  Randuhh_17  |  4

or maybe there was no date. the guy might've asked the sister to go get coffee, thinking it was a date when she said yes, when in fact, the sister thought it was a friend thing...which led to her bringing op, who thought it was a setup date.? idk. something like that...?

By  celticpride33  |  0

just go along with it so it won't be as embarrassing.

  Absurd101  |  0

#126 OP never said that so u don't no tht happened. sucks tho OP... u shoulda been like "o...really? wow I didn't know u 2 were together" then run away

By  Molord1  |  0

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By  Blackmail111  |  9

He would have said it was a date in the first place...Wow you're dumb

By  FMijnLeven  |  11

aww. That sucks. But that means you deserve better. ;)

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