By Anonymous - / Saturday 7 May 2016 05:49 / Australia - Melbourne
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  monkeytater96  |  23

I don't see how a man not wanting kids makes him a boy! Granted his response was inappropriate but it doesn't make him a boy. More like he's got enough brains to know he isn't responsible for a child.

More like sucks for OP for probably having a kid out of wedlock. Which I have absolutely no sympathy for. She's looking for a father for this kid, unfortunately she found a boyfriend rather than father.

  Catdragon  |  40

And who the hell says you can't have kids on your own and out of wedlock? He may not be a boy for not wanting kids, but he sure as hell is a kid for suggesting she abandon her child for him.


#80 - I don't believe that's what anyone here meant.. He's a pig/boy/man-child because he asked OP to basically put her kids in foster care... No one ever said he was less of a man for not wanting kids.

By  SmittyJA24  |  26

It was the SECOND date.
Shit, anybody could seem "perfect" after only one date.
Move on.....


On a second date. Who the hell would give up their kid for someone they've only had two dates with?

Doing that at all makes you a really bad human being, but doing it for someone you know that little is almost impossible to imagine.

  Brightbulb  |  39

Putting your child up to foster care does not automatically make you a bad human being. However, doing so for a man you are dating does, but doing so for the child's best interests and to protect them does not.

Sometimes the best thing you could ever do for your child is give them up. But in this case, with the provided info the guy is an idiot thinking he is good enough to surrender your child for no other reason.

  xcllla_  |  25

Yet no one is good enough to abandon your child for them. Children should never be abandoned because of anyone.

By  RayN156325  |  21

Sorry OP! Looks like you don't know much about a person after only 2 dates. You'll find someone better than that asshat.

  marcranger  |  28

Yep. Having, wanting, or even liking children is a deal breaker for me...I want to make damn certain that I won't wind up wasting time and energy on someone who's going to berate me for my choices in the future. But being as awful as this guy is also a deal breaker, as I hope it would be for anyone.

  marcranger  |  28

It's been my personal experience that liking children leads to wondering what kind of father the guy would be (I'm a straight woman), which is then followed by him thinking, out loud, that maybe he'd like to give it a shot, and maybe I'd like to give motherhood a shot, too? I'm sure there are guys who are good with kids but good with not having their own, but for my own peace of mind, I find it easiest to stick to the ones who insist on meeting at not-so-family-friendly restaurants for dates.


Asking someone you've been on two dates with to put their child in foster care, which is a crap-shoot in terms of foster parents who will treat the kid right? Might as well roll out the joint bank accounts and bills in both their names.

Not wanting/liking kids is one thing, asking a parent to put their child in foster care is another. If it's that big an issue that who you're dating has a kid then a simple 'well sorry, your a great guy/girl but this won't work put.' would do.

  marcranger  |  28

39, I agree with you 100%. OP's date is despicable for even asking, I think. I may not personally like kids, but I certainly don't wish them to come to harm, and foster care is no guarantee that they'll be protected from it.

50, that's reassuring!


Op never said she was angry with him for not wanting children. Just that it made him. It so perfect for her. Trying to convince her to give her kid up for adoption for some rando is what makes him awful

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