By Anonymous - / Wednesday 31 December 2015 18:12 / Australia
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By  1PersonIsMyWorld  |  22

you shouldn't have held it that long and gone to the restroom before the bill...

  Shadowvoid  |  33

Where is your statistical evidence? Most people use the bathroom whenever they need to go and can.

  Fou_Lou  |  20

It depends on where you live. I the US it seems to be expected. In my country splitting is normal unless its clearly stated. So i wouldn't expect to pay for the other one even if i asked out someone. I would have paid my part and give the resturant owner all the Information about the person i have (name and if i know adress and if i have contact information) and let them handle how they get their money back. Dunno how it is in the US but here you can only be made accountable for that what you order and eat and not the stuff someone else eats.

By  tranced_  |  39

Was it chicken tikka masala?!

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