By sarahh38 - / Wednesday 16 September 2009 18:23 / Canada
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By  Callyn  |  44

You're an ass. Even if she wasn't fat, she probably would have found that offensive. You should've just told her that you were there. If you weren't attracted to her, you aren't obligated to make a second date but you don't have to be rude.

By  dfcmrf  |  0

hope you had fun with the porky :D

By  Estrebillo  |  0

Odds are that darn near everyone clicking YDI is fat. I feel ya man, that sucks.

By  imblue  |  0

FYL for getting stuck with a fat chick.

  wbrycem  |  0

He's an asshole for calling a fat chick fat? That makes him shallow?

So much for calling it like you see it ...

If he was next to a skinny chick, and said, I'm sitting next to a skinny chick, there wouldn't be a fuss. Unless it's not a double standard, and you can't comment on anyone's physical appearance, regardless of how good or bad it is. But that would be new to me ...

By  donkey_hang_down  |  2

Manatee hahaha! Bella - you are right, he should have texted her "I am sitting next to a huge pile of shit"

On the other hand, she might have accidentally eaten her phone.

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