By rejecteddd - / Monday 4 July 2011 20:07 / United States
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  iEatGuppies  |  0

what a fucking jerk.

  WDLfootball  |  8

I REALLY hope your joking. if not then please refrain from ever commenting again!


that sounds like a story out of a movie(:

  dolphincheddar  |  10

i'm sorry op.. I guess his first impression of
you was DAMN YOU UGLY. this kinda reminds me of pepe le pew off of bugs bunny. except he's the cat running away from your smelly ass

  shabbybeard  |  4

tell me my boobs are nice

  fmlwmty  |  0

maybe he got lost. after all he is blind.

  tsim_fml  |  0

maybe he got lost.... afterall he is blind!

  Fatalally  |  4

157 - By the way, what I originally meant to say, was that after reading the FML, I immediately thought of the joke. But, when I opened the FML to view/make a comment, I saw that 1 had already said it...

By  Runninvegan  |  8

dayuuuumm you ugly

By  randiZ25  |  0

what is with people and not being straight forward anymore? it would hurt a persons feelings more if they were ditched like OP, then if the person was straight up.

  smurfsarwales  |  9

please try and speak with language the rest of us can understand. sorry, that means no writing in retarded.

  KingGeorgeGal  |  12

Just because one person is not attracted to her does not mean she is ugly. He's probably just shallow an have to high of standards. What really pisses me off is he obviously ditched her for her looks and didn't even give her a minute to see how her personality is. OP FYL for getting stood up by a shallow jerk.

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