By We raised that fool - / Wednesday 6 August 2014 13:21 / United Kingdom - Derby
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  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

x_x I don't know about you, but that's not a "classic" for myself, or any of the other 20 year olds I know. I've done a lot of stupid shit, but even I know better than to try and pull what the OP's daughter did.

  xx000o  |  27

They could have waited, dinner was more important than an idiot 20yr old. You only have an anniversary once a year, you have your children in all their glorious stupidity 365 days every year.

By  shine999  |  12

Wow..just wow!! And the best parents award goes to OP! ;) jk hope after this stunt she realized what a fool she is! Good lord!

  shine999  |  12

Well if you had read my comment properly you would have known what I exactly meant.

  gracehi  |  31

I dunno. Might have been nice if she had sustained some sort of injury that prevented her from reproducing, but didn't harm her in any other way.

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