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To all, thanks for your concern. Don't worry, I'm fine, it was just a bad concussion when I hit the ground that knocked me out. I hope I don't disappoint anybody, but I am not going to sue. A few years in jail ought to be enough for the driver- it was a drunk. Luckily, there was a black and white across the street and got the driver in time. Again, thank you all for your concerns.
By I_Hate_Cars / Wednesday 15 April 2009 14:10 / United States
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  TotalStar  |  0

2 words;


  soccerdilan  |  0

I'm sure he was cuz that happened to my cousin and the guy said he hit him because he was in a bad mood and the kid reminded him of the person he was mad at. (and yes I said KID)

  Blippety  |  23

"accidentally" was probably just meant to indicate it was suspicious... which it kind-of was. But yeah, I really do hope it wasn't deliberate, although it may well have been.

  smaldridge  |  6

the driver was at a complete stop and waved for this person to go. then they got hit right as they were in front of their car? even if the driver slipped off the break they wouldn't have been going fast enough to give up concussion. they had to hit the gas hard before they even finished crossing the street, but turns out it was a drunk driver and you can't expect anything less from them.

By  paxromana  |  0

#4 that's not really a bright side. the OP still ended up in the hospital. FTL indeed.

I hope there are no medical complications, OP, and best of luck. It sucks to hear there are still jackasses on the road!

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