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To all, thanks for your concern. Don't worry, I'm fine, it was just a bad concussion when I hit the ground that knocked me out. I hope I don't disappoint anybody, but I am not going to sue. A few years in jail ought to be enough for the driver- it was a drunk. Luckily, there was a black and white across the street and got the driver in time. Again, thank you all for your concerns.
By I_Hate_Cars / Wednesday 15 April 2009 14:10 / United States
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  TotalStar  |  0

2 words; Law Suit

  soccerdilan  |  0

I'm sure he was cuz that happened to my cousin and the guy said he hit him because he was in a bad mood and the kid reminded him of the person he was mad at. (and yes I said KID)

  Blippety  |  23

"accidentally" was probably just meant to indicate it was suspicious... which it kind-of was. But yeah, I really do hope it wasn't deliberate, although it may well have been.

By  paxromana  |  0

#4 that's not really a bright side. the OP still ended up in the hospital. FTL indeed. I hope there are no medical complications, OP, and best of luck. It sucks to hear there are still jackasses on the road!

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