By fisherman / Saturday 23 January 2010 10:12 / United States
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By  3ph600v  |  15

I fish for redfish commercially, and I know that they may appear dead for hours however some still stay alive. they are tough bastards, and they are freakin sharp

By  summerloolooloo  |  0

Big deal. Its just a fish. How the hell is your life fucked?

  tiancai  |  0

His life is fucked because he is a dumbass who doesn't even know how to properly handle fish, yet has the audacity to call himself a "fisherman". In my village we always gut the fish before washing it (what the hell is the point of washing it before you gut it anyway, you'll have to wash it again after you do it).

  YeahFMLxX  |  0

your in a village and probably harpoon baby sealsl for a living, and Sarah Palin is probably nagging you because your using the only internet hotspot wifi for 700 miles. waaaah he doesn't know how to fish waaaahhh.

  tiancai  |  0

lmao, I doubt anybody in my village has ever heard of Sarah Palin. And unfortunately there's no Wifi, or even cellphone reception for that matter.

  YeahFMLxX  |  0

then you must be way the fuck out in Alaska. and whomp whomp about not having wifi, you can sit on the shores and wave to commerial boats, maybe they'll have wifi.

  Tkim32  |  0

I posted saying first because nobody had a post up yet but by the time I posted it I was 3rd so I posted "maybe not first" and now my first post is gone so don't judge me 

  Snapp1e  |  0

1: Not everyone had a fucking sink on their fishing boat.
2: If it's a 50 pound fish, no doubt it'll be strong enough to break free from someones grasp, especially with the water, and oils acting as lubricants.

By  michaelscott69  |  0

i would kill you if that was my fish, i would stick the rod in your ass, the hook in your eye, tie you up with extra string, put the net over you, then club you until you were unconcious, then tie the anchor to your feet, and throw you in the water

By  sam11jide  |  0

im pretty sure u did this on purpose out of jealousy maybe lol. how can u not tell a fish is still alive,especially if it still has the strength to swim away

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