By anonymous / Monday 13 July 2015 09:45 / China - Shanghai
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By  DragonDude  |  24

"Bad kitty!"

By  mds9986  |  24

I saw a video once of a train station guard literally cramming people into those trains so the door could close, like when you're trying cram clothes into a suitcase so it closes finally. That place is not a place for you if you value personal space.

By  IWishIWasObama  |  12

So why couldn't you move? Were you already against a wall or something?


In big chinese cities there are so many people on the subway, you are literally just stuffed into the subway like a suitcase full of burritos. Its likely that the train was way to full and the op was unlucky enough to be near the door getting blamed for it.


20- And to think people wonder why the Chinese government mandated only one child per family. It is a very real problem that needs to be addressed. Has no one ever heard of peak production?

  xluciferx666  |  21

Don't you mean probrems

By  qdawg06  |  23

And people in New York complain...

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