By roofer - / Friday 31 July 2009 15:14 / United States
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By  frankienajera  |  0

You probably deserved it. Shouting cat calls as she walked by, perv. Just think about a monkey when it jumps from tree to tree, does it land with its head held high?

By  Ebby  |  0

Since you used the word "client," I'm going to assume you do this for a living, in which case you would have known better than to work on a project like this alone - it's dangerous, and you should always have a minimum of two people working in case of an emergency. You deserved it for being stupid enough to work.

  JokerXero  |  0

We dont know if his partner was doing something else and wasnt around, So he didnt deserve that.. Should have found those kids and beat their ass, since there parents wont do it.

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