By Jgfenix / Tuesday 22 September 2015 00:24 / United States - Aurora
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By  nzhx  |  23

Yikes, that's intense. Sorry, OP. Don't get too broken up about it though, if she cheated on you, she wasn't worth your time or love anyways.

I will say though, I am curious on how she managed to pull that off. That's a horrible thing to do.


Considering she got caught, "pulled off" is a bit generous.

  Dick_diamond  |  22

And you know this since you know OP very well, right?

By  BrutalEater  |  14

They should be mad at the cheater, not the other person! I hate when that happens it sucks!

By  jesuis_julie  |  21

Sorry OP! Dump her ass

By  FadingOut  |  9


By  twister45  |  17

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  meli1195  |  31

that definitely did not go how i thought it would.... crazy how people can do that to someone, let alone 12 people. although I think the beating up part was a bit too much.

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