By Anonymous - / Saturday 15 September 2012 16:11 / United States - Olathe
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  HowAreYouToday  |  34

Fo' shizzle. (sudden realization that I'm paler than the abominable snowman's frozen arse) *oh go why*

  SApprentice  |  33

Agreed. There's nothing wrong with recognizing that someone is attractive. Whether or not you personally are attracted to them is unrelated to the knowledge that they are attractive.

By  krylonpony  |  3

Incoming incest attack?

  xlord  |  27

I think Mila kunis is hot... Doesn't mean I'm going to rape her.

By  Futacy  |  29

Can anybody say "incest"?

By  aaronfuegopop  |  7

What's a spitting image. I've never heard that.


It's supposed to be "splitting image". But it got mixed around in the language just like couldn't care less/ could care less and flicking/flipping someone off.

  quite_bored  |  9

Well 44, as with most things, it's origin is unclear. Another theory is it came from "spit and image" as in, you are the spit and image of your parents. This one, however, has more evidence.

  gc327072  |  29

45- personally, I think the whole thing with the images "being within spitting distance of each other" sounds way more plausible/easy to see how that came about. That whole "of spit and image" thing... Not so much.

  quite_bored  |  9

46, now that's where we disagree. The spitting distance one seems incorrect to me primarily because no one else even mentions that, making me think 7 just made it up (God knows why). Secondly, when would two images ever be within spitting distance because of similarity? (Other than a museum, but that still doesn't explain much) If you don't believe mine, feel free to look it up; the Straight Dope and numerous etymology websites explain it better than I do.

By  supimnyancat  |  9

Wincest! What? Somebody was gonna say it.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

39-you are retarded. Because you saw "25" first because they just replied to 1 you assumed that they said it before commenter number "10". I am pretty decent at math so I say with quite a bit of confidence that 10 said it first. But yes, it is still an unoriginal comment.

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