By LonelyInLA - / Monday 16 February 2009 21:45 / United States
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By  crazycar  |  0

#4 and #6 This is the United States of America. Alcolohol is our bread and butter baby! But serious dude, are you fat and hairy? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

By  Dr_Evil_Genius  |  0

That is one of the WORST commercials in television history. Not only are they pushing urine in a bottle, but they are pushing the mistreatment of women. I kept waiting for her to say "I take a good left cross and right upper cut when my man gets drunk". I am thankful for my girlfriend and what she has meant to me. Dudes really should find a nice girl and when they do, give back the positive effects that are bestowed upon them.

By  dabears554  |  0

That's a great commercial! It describes me perfectly! I have a little bit fat, a little bit hairy back, I like to watch a lot of football and go out with the boys!

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