By ilovefootball - / Monday 7 September 2009 19:21 / United States
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By  Dancinganimal256  |  3

I'm such a wanker, can I have a Curlywurly?

  LchTessMnstr  |  3

Um....are you sure you're not the one that's blonde?
She probably saw the car coming...

Today, I was walking across the street. I slowed down because there was a car coming and I didn't want to get hit. Randomly, this guy runs and tackles me straight into the oncoming car. FML

  Starchild21  |  3

Good point Tess, but in line with the FML, I don't see HOW he could have pushed her the wrong way??? Was he high when he saw her or something?


  ReasonsToFly  |  0

I don't think you guys realize how hilarious this is. Imagine seeing a guy running up full speed and push someone into a car, stare, then walk away as if nothing happened.

By  horseXtreme  |  0

That's kind of depressing... I bet that really sucks for the girl. Jerk.

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