By Anonymous - / Saturday 25 July 2009 05:19 / United States
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  blargity  |  0

she was probably trying to be nice especially considering that most people would probably ignore them or do something more cruel
and at least he probably enjoyed it

  pseudo721  |  0

While it's true that she was probably just trying to be nice, and he probably did enjoy it, you have to remember that most homeless people are homeless for a reason. They usually have mental problems, yet nobody to take care of them. Thus, giving them money, while a nice gesture and all, usually isn't going to help them be any less homeless.

By  666midnight  |  0

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By  kira1kira  |  0

first! that's gross

  SaintJimmy  |  0

There are around, 3 reported cases of rabies in humans a year. Don't assume every person who lives on the street has some awful disease. People are so stupid as to believe what is depicted on Tv as facts. No, rabies is in fact, very uncommon.

  ohmyerica  |  0

#42, do some research before arguing with someone who actually knows what they are talking about. There have only been about 40 cases of rabies in humans since the 1980s.

  lolzforfun228  |  3

I would agree that hobos are a bit more likely to have disease, but I highly doubt that any of them have rabies. And just because someone is homeless doesnt me they have terrible diseases, their just a bit more likely to get disease.

  SaintJimmy  |  0

Yeah that's kind of what I meant. They may be more prone to disease because decent medical care isn't readily available, but not all homeless people have disease.
And @42, maybe there are that many rabies cases in ANIMALS each year, but there are an average of 3-4 reported rabies cases in humans per year, probably more like 2-3 each year anyway.

  lexiBRo  |  0

Actually you are all partially correct... bc there are definitely thousands of rabies related deaths a year.. not 3, and not 40 since 1980...however most occur in Africa and Asia not the US

  SaintJimmy  |  0

@86, There are somewhere between 2-4 reported cases of rabies each year in the United States. 3rd World countries there are a lot more. Wow on this site you have to be obscenely clear, don't you?

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